Veritas Replication Exec VS Double-take


I have to replicate some datas (SQL and files) from 2 servers in 2 different part of the world.
We necessite a serious software.

For this, we have selected to software :
   - Veritas Replication Exec 3.1
   - Double-take

I have searched on Internet for comparaison without any results.

Can anybody resolve this choice and why he/she select one product as an other ?

Bests Regards.
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Check this out, could be an alternative

Failover, replication and backup
Hi Abissa,

We use double-take for our Exchange server and it works brilliantly.  I looked at RE recently as part of a file server replication solution - check for more info.

In my humble the differences are:
Double take facilitates hostname fail-over and bandwidth throttling according to schedule - eg, use 90% of the link overnight, but only 40% of the link during business hours.  DT is also supposed to be particuarly robust in its handling of TCP errors and the like - but that could be marketing fluff.
RE replicates your data, doesn't do fail-over, and throttling is a set once thing - eg, set it to 80% which means it uses 80% 24x7.  fail-over is thus left for you to work out.  For SQL that isn't so bad actually, since you can mount the database on any server generally.

RE is about half the cost of DT and is overpriced for what it does.  The extremely similar CPS product is significanty cheaper, although it doesn't support SQL etc (although it successfully replicates PST's while they're in use so it wouldn't surprise me to find it WILL do SQL, but just isn't supported)

We have a very good relationship with Veritas, but I wouldn't class RE as an enterprise level product.  For that you're looking at their Volume Replicator with Storage Foundation products and lots of $'s.
DT, on the other hand, IS an enterprise level product and is surprisngly inexpensive compared to VR and SF.

For SQL or Exchange, I would choose DT (and as indicated, I have my exchange server replicated with DT.  20 minutes to fully fail-over 1400 mailboxes to another site with no/minimal data loss and most of the delay is waiting for DNS to flush and replicate).

NSI do have an internal paper on the differences between RE and DT - ask your reseller about it.  you probably won't be able to keep a copy, but it's worth reading over a coffee.  I never asked Veritas/Symantec if they also have such a paper, but it wouldn't hurt you to ask.

hope that helps

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