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Using foreach and multiple arrays

I wrote a function in perl where it reads in each file in a directory and checks for a tag:

Each file should have one of the sequences of tes tags as defined in these arrays.
I am trying to do the following - if the tag sequence in the match does not follow any one of the arrays, then continue onto the next array to see if there is a match there.

I could possibly store the tag values from the file into an array then compare.  But the problem is that I only need to match the first 4 or 5  tags.  Each file consists of 10 - 15 tags.

What would be the best way to do this?

@testarray1 = qw (QW1, LS3, DE3, TER);
@testarray2 = qw (GF3, LS3, RTL, ST);
@testarray3 = qw (LS5, R3E, DE3, EEW);
@testarray4 = qw (FFL, DRE, ASD, FGE, GFH, SDF);

open(FILE, "$filename")
#read all lines
  foreach $entry (@testarray1)
    if (/\<tes/ && /type=\"$entry\"/)
          //matches!  check the next entry
         //stop checking this array, and check the next array
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1 Solution
my $n=0;
for( \@testarray1, \@testarray2, \@testarray3, \@testarray4 ){
   push @test,{map{$_,$n}@$_}
{local @ARGV=grep -f,<directory/*>;
 while( <> ){
    if( /<tes/ and my($entry)=/type="([^"]+)"/ ){
       for( @test ){ if( my $n=$_->{$entry} ){ print "$ARGV matches array $n\n" }
perl -Mdiagnostics -w -e "@testarray1 = qw (QW1, LS3, DE3, TER);"
Possible attempt to separate words with commas at -e line 1 (#1)
    (W qw) qw() lists contain items separated by whitespace; therefore
    commas aren't needed to separate the items.  (You may have used
    different delimiters than the parentheses shown here; braces are also
    frequently used.)
    You probably wrote something like this:
        qw! a, b, c !;
    which puts literal commas into some of the list items.  Write it without
    commas if you don't want them to appear in your data:
        qw! a b c !;

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