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Changing my IP addres

ofirkarin asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I'd like to know if its possible and how to change my IP addres.
I'm using a cable modem and a router and from what i've been checking my ISP dont let me change it by simpely logging off and on and even when a lease is over, it stays the same IP as before...
I looked arround and i saw that i can change the router's mac addres which will change it's ip but the only time i succssed with that is when i cloned my computer's mac address to the router and the IP changed to the IP i have if im connected straight to the router, however, that trick didnt work when i cloned other computer's mac addres on the network, it just wont get and IP addres... and even so i thought i was changing the router's mac addres, under product status, the mac addres stayed the same, even when the IP changed...
Then i tried to connect myself straight to the modem and change my own mac address, but all the address i tried didnt work, the mac addres changed but my computer couldnt get an IP...
So i'd like to know if there's another method to change my IP (preferably behind a router, but if its not possible then just with a modem...), and what is the reason that the mac address changing didnt work. (seemed like such a promessing solution at first :))

I'd like to be able to change my IP more then once but if there's a solution that can only do it one time i guess it more than nothing.
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Hi ofirkarin,

All you have to do is turn off your cable modem for the whole day and hopefully, when you turned back on you will get a new IP.
I don't think your ISP provide Static IP address to you as most of the time they are DHCP assigned.

Test and see .
Good lucks


Ok thanks, but is there a way that i can make it instantly ?

ask your isp to help, mac address is the one hardcoded in every modem or network card and unique all over the world if two devices have the same mac address they would not communicate.
Distinguished Expert 2019

Problem is that it's bound to your MAC address on the ISP's side. You'd actually need your lease to run out first OR you'd have to change your modem's MAC address. But if you did that, then you'd have to report the new MAC to your cable co.


ok, so i'd like to know why in phone modems, all you need to do is log off and on and you get a brand new IP addres ? or is it just depends on your ISP ?

it depends on your isp, what kind of lease options they have configured in their ip pool. they can reserve ip so whenever a request from a certain mac address it always assign the same ip.

Who is your ISP?

This may work:

Disconnect you modem from the router.

Change the MAC accress on router (like if the last octet had e mande b or something).

Turn off your router, your modem, disconnect the physical cable from the modem (that is connecting it with the ISP). You can leave LAN cable.

Wait about 10 minutes.

The plug everything back in and see if it works.

Depending on your ISP, by refreshing everything, it may assign a new IP to your Modem.

use some sort of mac changer software.
google it "mac changer"


I did use a mac changing program while i connected to modem straight to my computer to see if its even possible and every mac i got that was different from the original NIC's mac, i just couldnt get an ip...
naveedb - Thanks for the tip, i tried that but it didnt work... however, i tried some more stuff and i noticed, the if the router is plugged to the modem, my public IP is X, and when im plugged to the modem (without the router) my IP is Y, now when i clone my mac addres to the router, and the router is plugged to the modem, the public IP is Y, like i had, well, it seems netural because when i change the mac the IP changes with it, but, if i try cloning another computer's IP that is on the net to the router, it wont get any IP, and so is if i plug that computer directly to the modem, it wont get an IP... I find that kinda wierd, that the ISP will assign IPs only to my MAC addres and the router's original MAC addres...
Any idea why that is ?
The reason you don't get an ip address whenever you use another device or cloned mac address is because the modem keeps the original mac entry in it's cache.
Hence the only way to get around this without mucking about with mac changing is to leave your modem off for approx 5 minutes. Try it and see, you will be able to get a new ip address every time.

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Distinguished Expert 2019

Essentially, you can't just change IP addresses at will without going through extra work. Why wanting the change the IP so readily anyway?
oh, I almost forgot - there may be another way but it may be a little bit more tedious.

Disconnect the cable on the ISP side then renew your ip address on your inside device PC/Router.
You should get a private address possibly a 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x then http to your default gateway which will be the actual cable modem. It should not have a password on it, look at the config and from memory there should be an arp flush entry.

Basically it will depend on the type of modem your using and also the default config in it.
I would prefer using socks5 proxy server, as it allows you to connect
to any other machine from it. Depending on what do you need that
IP address change for, it depends what kind of proxy server you'll have
to use.

Socks5 proxies are mostly used for IRC
HTTP proxies are mostly used for web browsing/surfing

Also, if you need a list of public free proxy servers, just search the Google
for "Alive Proxy Server Socks5" and go with the first result, clicking on the
'Socks5 list' in the upper menu (if you need socks5 proxy).

That would be A LOT easier solution of changing your IP address on the
internet, than messing around with your MAC address, since your ISP
would cut you off for good if they notice what you are doing.

Think a little bit, if they would allow it, then they wouldn't assign the static
fixed IP address to you, would they? Try with proxies, it's much easier.


mianni - The wierd thing was, that the modem accepted my own computer's mac addres and assign it an IP addres, and the Router's mac addres aswell but not any other mac, not only the roter's...
nepostojeci_email & masnrock - The reason i wanna change my IP may sound kinda stupid and it actually leads to a different question, Since yasterday, my internet had gone MUCH slower then before, i could not understand why, i just know that an online game i play usually and it works fine, suddenly has a ping of 800+ (the usual is arrounf 100~), i checked some more, and i saw that also when i ping websites its arround 800 even though i dont feel any change in the time websites takes to load... after some more tests i realized that my download speed is arround 20kbps-70kbps (i have 1.5mbps connection) and when i trace the routes of several things i saw that the moment the route leavs my country, it gets to 800+. In that game, i know alot of people that sometimes have high ping and lags, so they just log off and on, get a new ip and it usually helps and the ping is normal, and even if it doesnt the first time, they do it some times untill they get an IP that dont have any lags, i dont know if this method has any real base but it works so good for them i just thought to try it myself...
i contacted my ISP about the poor speed and all they said was that its a weekend so the lines are busy... well its not my first weekend and this is UNusual...
anyway i really didnt know what to do and thats how this question came up... and thats also why i dont think a proxy will help me, im not looking to change IP from "staying annonymus" reasons...

thank you.
Then you should ask your provider to check your modem, and your cables, since
it is highly probable that some source of noise has entered the system, so they
need to remove it. Call them, and ask them to check the noise/signal ratio.

This is so often in cable installations, so get used to it. Probably your ISP has
connected some new user in your neighborhood and didn't leveled the signals
to correct the noise/signal ratio.

After they chek everything is ok, you can be sure it will work as before.
also, it may happen that your provider has reached the limits of its links, so
you are actually experiencing the high load of traffic that causes so much

do you have lost packets?
go to DOS, and type:

  ping -t www.google.com

and let it do pings for about 1 minute, and then press CTRL+C and see the
statistics, if there are a lot of lost packets, then it is definitely bad or full link.


um, i already did that and i dont have any packet loss and about that noise/signal ratio, thanks, ill check that.
mianni - i tried to change the mac addres the way you suggested and it worked ! im able to change my mac > my IP now but so far it hasnt been much of help to my slow connection problem. thanks alot !


I contacted my ISP and they sent me a link to download, the link is from inside my country, when i dont have connection problems as i said before, only when i get outside, so naturally, the file was downloaded at 200k~ so they said that if i can download as fast as i should from inside the country then its not a noise\signal problem and its probebly that the outside lines are busy... well i guess its a possibility but i just dont see why, i mean, it doesnt happan every weekend...
Distinguished Expert 2019
I think it might have more to do with the volume of network traffic going overseas than it does anything else. But since your ISP doesn't own a large international network (I presume based on your info), it could legitimately be issues with interconnections amongst all of the ISPs. Now this is what I'm guessing it is: crappy job of routing network traffic at someone's end.

Unfortunately, that's not under your control. However, perhaps there's another ISP you can choose where quality of service is consistently a hell of a lot better?


Well i guess that is the most logical reason and unfortunately, where i come from there are only 3 ISP to choose from and i dont think this particular one is much worse than the others... i heared once that there is a problem here with the connection outside but i never experienced it so badly, i mean, ofcourse my internet is slower then people that live in europe\US etc... but it wasnt so bad that i had 800+ ping... i guess there's nothing else o do but wait till its over and hope it wont happan again...
hehe, i dont know if i feel better or worse, better that the problem isnt with my net, or worse that the problem is at the ISP but its not something unique that wont happan again...

well anyway, thanks everyone for all the help, atleast i did manage to solve the  problem which i asked about, changing my IP :)
mianni, thanks alot.

You have to remember that ping and traceroute are not a really good test for speed.
Try this website http://www.dslreports.com/stest it also has a link to over 300 other test sites, so based on your location you can see what the speed is like to a certain country.


Does the speed test this software offers is ok ? - http://www.myspeed.com/detail.html
and also, is there any base to the fact that if you change your IP a few times you can get rid of lags and high pings ?
also, i use an ISP with a cable modem, but the same ISP also offers and adsl connection, which works perfectly well now, on the same ISP the line that goes to a certain country is different between cable and adsl ?
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