How to discover the screen coordinates of "another"/external form.


I am doing some "ghost" controlling of external applications from my app. but these rely on exact screen locations for the button clicks.

How can I find out the screen coordinates of another window that is not attached to my application.  I can retrieve the handle but how do I then use that to find the x,y for the top left and bottom right (for example).  With this information I can then work out where to click.

Many thanks.

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        public static extern int FindWindow(string lpClassName, string lpWindowName);
        public static extern int GetWindowRect(int hwnd, ref Rectangle lprect);

I assume youve used FindWindow allready to get the handle of the window you want to 'remote control'
Getwindowrect will give us the rectangle of that screens position if called as follows:

Rectangle TargetWindow = new Rectangle();
int hwnd = FindWindow("CabinetWClass", "My Computer");
GetWindowRect(hwnd, ref TargetWindow) ;

in this case ive just got a handle to the my computer window, which is of class 'CabintWClass'.
If you need to find out the class of a window, use Spy++.

Any more questions?

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JAMESAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay - that's perfect.

Thanks very much.

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