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I am writing help pages to integrate with for my VB 6 program. To give a touch of professionalism I would like to replicate the standard help format. Despite searching I can not find any useful info. Can anyone ‘Help’ please.
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What6 might be interesting. I've never tried it. But it was written to use with Word 6, the last 16-bit version of Word. Also after Word 7 (aka Word 95), the Word scripting language changed from Wordbasic to VBA.

This site might be useful to you.
Remember that there are two types of help files. The original type was usually written in Word and made into a help file with the Help Compiler program (HC.exe). The new one is brower-based (.chm files)

I suggest that you start here.
hemoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the suggested link, I have search the site but still confused. There are several help downloads at varying prices, but the info is sparse. Is there a recognised standard or just pot luck? Whilst searching I discovered WHAT6 is this worth pursuing?

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