Setting up trunking on HP Procurve 2824 to Alied Telesyn AT 8350GB

We have just purchased a new HP Procurve 2824 and have one cable running to a Alied Telesyn AT 8350GB as our 1GB link. We are experiencing a bottle neck on this port and would like to set up trunking between the two switches using an extra 3 ports.

I have looked at the instructions for the HP switch and am a little uncertain at the exact way to go about setting the two units up.  The allied Telesyn seems pretty straight forward as its just a case of going to the trunk configuration and selecting the ports.  The HP is a little more complicated and as I have never set trunking up before I would like some advice as to how to connect the two.

The manual gives options for setting up static LCAP, dynamic LCAP, FEC or TRUNK (NON PROTOCOL), this is the section that is confusing me.  As I am uncertain which option to use to configure with the other switch correctly.

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Why don't you try it out ?
You cannot damage the hardware with an incorrect protocol and you can always set the setting back or revert to factory default.
If it doesn't work at all, then you are caught with the same Problems as many people: Different verndors (here: HP and ATS) don't trunk well :-( This ist sad but true too often to be ignored.

With LCAP you usually have to set LCAP active or LCAP passive with switches and you have tzo set one to actve and the other to passive. Or you try LCAP dynamic and let the switches work it out, if they can.
MaherLimitedAuthor Commented:
We set all ports used in the trunking to 100, worked fine.  
It's good to hear that everything works.
So - what did you set up on the HP switch ?  LCAP, dynamic LCAP, FEC or TRUNK (NON PROTOCOL) ?
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