How to pass proxy server using thirty party proxy?


I am having a problem with my program. it can not pass through my proxy to download anything.

I use a torrent downloader but my internet connection is using proxy. I think  may be the administrator is blocking the port. I tried to use HTTP Tunnelling to go through the proxy but it still not work. Do you have any idea with this or do you have any program to solve this?

Please help  Because I really want to download the program very much.

Very Thank you,
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The bad news: You can't do it, unless you use any really-wrong program to bypass the security in your network. As you know, it is possible. As I use to say, if someone can break into NASA network, for sure you can have a way to bypass your security. But, as you also know, that's totally out of the rules, and if you for any instance can break it, you're breaking the rules, and you can for sure expect some bad results...

Excuse me for this moral speech... Just trying to show you the danger of what you intend to do...

So, the first answer is: No, there's no legal way. The second answer: try to talk to the network administrator. If there's a legal way, I'm sure he will tell you of it.
Hi veayou,

Sometimes in such networks there's a "back door" to bypass proxy... You have 2 ways to find if there's one for you:
1. Ask any person next to you who knows it... or
2. Ask the network administrator...

If your network is secure enough (I mean, IF) I suppose you can't do what you want. If you can do,... ok,... the network is not enough secure!

veayouAuthor Commented:
Hi diasf,

Yes, that's right. My network is securing connection. They don't allow people to use any download program. But with I knowledge, I think there may be a program that can convert every request to HTTP request and vice versa. That's why I ask if there is someone know that program.

If there is no way so i have no way too.

Thank you,
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