Ubuntu & Dell Poweredge 2850

My company are looking for a server to host a web service, and we have
been considering the Dell PowerEdge 2850 with:

- 2 x 64-bit Intel Xeon processor 3.4GHz with 2MB L2 cache and
- Integrated PERC4e/Di RAID Controller (RAID5)

We would like to run Ubuntu on it, but we would also accept pure Debian.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Will Ubuntu work with the Dell PowerEdge 2850
2. Does Ubuntu support Dells integrated SCSI controller: PERC4e ?


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Not a direct answer as such as I stopped buying Dell servers a long time ago. They seem to have a habit of hanging up on you when you call and say you're using linux.

They really are a poor alternative compared with the likes of HP/Compaq etc, in terms of both hardware and support quality. Contrary to popular belief, they're not cheaper either. The prices Dell advertise are totally different to the price you end up paying once you've got the spec you want. I'd like to help more, more my experiences with Dell aren't pretty and I won't be going back, ever. Make of that what you will, or feel free to totally disregard it.
This might help you.  
Based on what I found Ubuntu might have problems with the controller you mention.  So I would advise to go with Debian.  Since the discs are free and it would only cost you a little time you might want to try both.  You will know from the start as you will either not see any mention of it as it posts or you will not have access to the drives.
If you are going to install Ubuntu as a server you should press F3 @ the prompt and select the server install instead of the workstation.  If you are going with Debian get the latest netinst cd from their site (I go with testing - not it doesn't really mean what you think ).   You should also go to http://www.debian-administration.org/ as they have a lot of info you might need.  Alse Amazon has two recent books on Debian and they might help better understand the system; this one might also be good http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596002173/sr=8-1/qid=1144795627/ref=sr_1_1/002-4659326-5153643?%5Fencoding=UTF8
Might I also recommend that you add the vserver patch to the kernel that you will be using as it will allow you to get a lot more from such a powerful machine.  You might also want to look @ this page:
I have a 1.3GHz celeron with 512MB running xen and is divided into 3 servers ((apache, vsftpd, mysql), (imap,postfix),  (pound, messagewall, jftpgw, perdition)) and dom0 running shorewall which hides the whole dmz, all running steadily without a hitch for a few months and another xen machine on which a client is testing some web apps.
Enjoy your new server


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