Fax through ADSL modem

I wonder if anyone could help me. It is regarding sending fax from pc through ADSL modem. I used to have windows 98,  bitware fax software and PCI modem for sending faxes. but right now i have got windows xp with broadband connection and want to send fax. Is it possible to send it through ADSL modem or do I need dial up connection.
Awaiting kind and early reply
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Unfortunatly not. Faxing needs 2 modems to negotiate a connection and then transfer the data over that connection. Broadband cannot fullfill that requirment and as such wont work. You will still need to have a Modem connected to your XP machine. :(


Hook your PCI modem up. Find driver(software for widows xp rather then windows 98 for that PCI card)
Hook your Phone line into the Telephone line like normal.
Run your fax software and wala you have your fax setup.
All you need is a line splitter for the telephone line.
One line connects to the broadband modem one line connects to the fax modem.
Splitters cost like 4 bucks and it is possible that when you boght your PCI fax modem that one was already supplied.
Look around for it im sure you already have one but if not go buy one.
All that you need is a dialup modem in your computer.  You do not need to pay for dialup internet.

XP has a fax ability, but I'm not sure if it is preinstalled.

Try this:

Go to a word document that you wish to fax.  Click on File, then Print, and then select Fax as your printer (rather than an actual printer).  If the Fax is not available, then you will need to insert your XP installation CD and install the Fax console that is a bonus program on the CD.

Once you get the fax feature setup, all the dialup modem will be used for is the relatively short fax transmissions.  You'll still be able to use your ADSL internet during fax operations.

If you do not have a dialup modem installed, then you would need to have a service such as Skype or Vonage (or any of the many others) that uses your broadband internet connection to connect to telephone company networks to allow actual phone calls.

Vonage's website is here:  http://www.vonage.com/startsavingnow/
Skype's:  http://www.skype.com/



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It is correct that you can not send traditional fax through broadband connections. As broadband uses a digital signal rather then a analog signal which is what a fax is sent over.
But there is or are services that offer this over the net via your broadband connection.
Usually these services are called "INTERNET fax". Though compartivley they are cheap to use.
If you send one fax a month it is still better to find the software for windows xp for your pci card and use that method i posted above as the most cost involved is your one time cost of around $4.
I use the same setup that i have posted and it works like a charm.
You already have the PCI card and a active phone line.
No need for dialup service at all.
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