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I need info on editing msi's with vbscript

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-14
Does anyone have any tutorials on this ?
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Try the Windows Installer SDK, you can download it from MS

Some Sample like this scipt and an help is offered

' Windows Installer utility to execute SQL statements against an installer database
' For use with Windows Scripting Host, CScript.exe or WScript.exe
' Copyright (c) 1999, Microsoft Corporation
' Demonstrates the script-driven database queries and updates
Option Explicit

Const msiOpenDatabaseModeReadOnly = 0
Const msiOpenDatabaseModeTransact = 1

Dim argNum, argCount:argCount = Wscript.Arguments.Count
If (argCount < 2) Then
      Wscript.Echo "Windows Installer utility to execute SQL queries against an installer database." &_
            vbLf & " The 1st argument specifies the path to the MSI database, relative or full path" &_
            vbLf & " Subsequent arguments specify SQL queries to execute - must be in double quotes" &_
            vbLf & " SELECT queries will display the rows of the result list specified in the query" &_
            vbLf & " Binary data columns selected by a query will not be displayed"
      Wscript.Quit 1
End If

' Scan arguments for valid SQL keyword and to determine if any update operations
Dim openMode : openMode = msiOpenDatabaseModeReadOnly
For argNum = 1 To argCount - 1
      Dim keyword : keyword = Wscript.Arguments(argNum)
      Dim keywordLen : keywordLen = InStr(1, keyword, " ", vbTextCompare)
      If (keywordLen) Then keyword = UCase(Left(keyword, keywordLen - 1))
      If InStr(1, "UPDATE INSERT DELETE CREATE ALTER DROP", keyword, vbTextCompare) Then
            openMode = msiOpenDatabaseModeTransact
      ElseIf keyword <> "SELECT" Then
            Fail "Invalid SQL statement type: " & keyword
      End If

' Connect to Windows installer object
On Error Resume Next
Dim installer : Set installer = Nothing
Set installer = Wscript.CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer") : CheckError

' Open database
Dim databasePath:databasePath = Wscript.Arguments(0)
Dim database : Set database = installer.OpenDatabase(databasePath, openMode) : CheckError

' Process SQL statements
Dim query, view, record, message, rowData, columnCount, delim, column
For argNum = 1 To argCount - 1
      query = Wscript.Arguments(argNum)
      Set view = database.OpenView(query) : CheckError
      view.Execute : CheckError
      If Ucase(Left(query, 6)) = "SELECT" Then
                  Set record = view.Fetch
                  If record Is Nothing Then Exit Do
                  columnCount = record.FieldCount
                  rowData = Empty
                  delim = "  "
                  For column = 1 To columnCount
                        If column = columnCount Then delim = vbLf
                        rowData = rowData & record.StringData(column) & delim
                  message = message & rowData
      End If
If openMode = msiOpenDatabaseModeTransact Then database.Commit
If Not IsEmpty(message) Then Wscript.Echo message
Wscript.Quit 0

Sub CheckError
      Dim message, errRec
      If Err = 0 Then Exit Sub
      message = Err.Source & " " & Hex(Err) & ": " & Err.Description
      If Not installer Is Nothing Then
            Set errRec = installer.LastErrorRecord
            If Not errRec Is Nothing Then message = message & vbLf & errRec.FormatText
      End If
      Fail message
End Sub

Sub Fail(message)
      Wscript.Echo message
      Wscript.Quit 2
End Sub

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