select printer and print html page, without prompt.

Hello all,

I have a big dificulty with printing issue. I allready search the net but the answers i saw can't seem to get it right..
This is for an intranet made in php and works with MsSql. Its not for outside www.
I need to print directly to a network printer an html page without the prompt window, and i need to select the printer.
This can be done from the server side, doesn´t have to be on the client side.

Can anyone give me a good example? I code php but i never worked with php printer functions, and i don't know if works right and if the html code is processed or it just sends text and tags to printer(prints the code instead of the html layout page)

thx in advanced
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what difficulties are you having?

Have you actually looked at the manual
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
$handle = printer_open("HP Deskjet 930c");

echo $handle;

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: printer_open() in /home1/acidados/conta/ on line 2

i guess i have to install something on my linux webserver right?
yes right, Call to undefined function means that function is not available, typically this means the extension has not been enabled.

However, the manual says the printr functions are only available under windows:-

Please read the user comments at the bottom of that page for possible solutions to this problem
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justaphaseAuthor Commented:
in that user comment says the printing is done by line of command with the command lpr... meaning that it will print plain text only right? :( The html wil be printed as code, with the tags and everything :(
their are a few user comments and Ive not read them all, if your wanting to print HTML documents as they appear I would look into how you print via the command line on your linux machine, you can then use that through PHP somehow using one of either exec() or system() or something like that
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
via command linux line? i dont find any command in linux to do that? to render a html file to a printer? don't think so...
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
sorry... its "via linux command line?"... bad sentence..
you can print just about any file in linux including HTML, whether it be from a web bowser or through a desktop environment they will all use a linux application that can also be run from a console, however, if your machine is setup to act as a web server it probably will not have printing capabilities.

I dont know what linux version you use but GNOME usually comes with cups installed by default

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