How do I delete connected DHCP clients from a DI-524 Router?

This should be simple, but...

How do I disconnect an attached client (or clients) which is/are listed under the 'Static DHCP Client List' on the DHCP section of a D-Link DI-524 Wireless router?

Note: I am  not physically at the site where the router is but use the web-based login tool (port 8080) with a password to gain access to the router to manage it.
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thomaswrightAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I mean't 'DYNAMIC DHCP Cleitn List'
if it is statically assigned, you have to goto the web admin and diassociate the MAC address with the IP of the machine. Now if you do that, the client may automatically reconnect and get a dynamic IP. Thus, you will have to enable mac filtering or turn of DHCP to prohbit that client from connecting
> How do I disconnect an attached client (or clients) which is/are listed ..
you mean that you want to "disconnect" the client from the router?
or do you mean to release the leased IP to client by the router?
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thomaswrightAuthor Commented:
I want to relase the Dynamic IP's leased on the router.  For instance  is the ip of the router.  I notice that, and 0.106 shouldn't be there so I just want to delete them from the pool.  I know the linksys router can easilly do it by checking the check box next to the dhcp client on the client list and hitting the delete button, but how do I do it on the D-Link router?
thomaswrightAuthor Commented:
I finally heard back from D-Links Technical Support.  Here is the answer they provided to resolve the issue.  I guess Linksys has a better handel on this issue than D-Link.

Response from D-Link Support
You can goto advanced and filtering and do MAC address filtering and deny the MAC addresses that you don't want and apply and then reboot the DI-524 and then relog into the router and then they will no longer be in there.

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