advanced progressive matrices


i am appearng for the L&T recruitment.their first round constitutes picture reasoning in which we are given 8 figures in a 3*3 matrix and we have 2 find the 9th figure.everywhere on the net i found that for clearing l&t written i should go through jc raven advanced progressive matrices.but the problem is i cant find this book anywhere.can any1 provide me with some assistance and also if any1 could provide me questions based on this pattern.i would be highly grateful.
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Not sure that you can actually practice these..

There is some general information here:

If you want to buy some tests I suggest you start here:
Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)
Range 11+ years of age
Administration Timed: 40 minutes, untimed: 40–60 minutes
Assessment Content 36 matrices of increasing difficulty

If you are looking for books look for these:

APM Set 1 Educational Test Booklet
APM Set 2 Educational Test Booklet
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