Where to find VeriSign Digital Code Signing ID

Hello All,

I received an email from VeriSign saying I have to renew my Digital ID. However, where can I find the Digital ID?  It says it's for software validation.  We are running Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX.  Could it be on any one of these boxes?

I am new to this company and no one here knows anything about it.

I'm making this urgent as the expiration date is fast approaching.

Thank you in advance.
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A certificate from Verisign is most commonly used for a secure Web site.  If you have any part of your website that starts with https://, that requires a certificate.  Secure sites are often used for logins, and to process incoming confidential information like credit card numbers.

If you let the certificate expire, the users of your web site will see a browser warning message when they access the secure page saying "Warning!  The digital certificate has expired or is not yet valid!  Do you want to view the site anyway?  Yes or No"
I think you are referring to renewing your certificate.

To Renew a Current Certificate, You either need your challenge phrase or a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

See these pages:



cas_threeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.

I understand I have to renew, but the big question is, what is the certificate being used for.

Is there anyway to easily tell where it is installed or what it is being used for?  As I mentioned, it says software validation, however, we don't know where it is installed.

I called Verisign and they were not much help.  The only thing they told me was who purchased it, someone is not here anymore and no one else here knows anything about it.

Thank you!
> I understand I have to renew, but the big question is, what is the certificate being used for.
silly question: if you don't know what it is, why would you renew it?
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