IBM Thinkpad T30 - Wireless card issues

Hi there,

I have an IMB thinkpad T30. I have just bought a wireless card for it that fits into a slot next to where the modem is underneath the laptop. It has a built in modem so I removed the current modem as it is no longer needed. I then downloaded the driver for this card which is a "IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Adapter with Modem". The Product Number is - "91P7661'.

I went to this link -

I downloaded the drivers that it recommended and ran through the setup. It installed the built in modem on the device fine and I've tested this and the modem works fine, but the wireless card is still an unknown device. I tried to manually update the driver through the device manager and pointed it to the .inf file that was extracted from the driver download but it doesnt like it.

I've added, removed it etc etc but no matter what I do it won't pick up the wireless card installed. It must be the wrong driver for the particular card but I can't find a driver for it anywhere.

Any ideas?
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safekeyAuthor Commented:
I also went to this site which says it has the correct driver, but I cant see the driver on the site? Am i blind?
Just a thought:

Might want to review the installation to insure no oversight.  Sometimes we can all get brain cramps - LOL.  Following is a location to download the HMM:

It would appear that the driver link is perfect.  I do see that this card comes with the A30 and that would be another location to check for a driver if nothing else works.

Hope this Helps!!!
Did you follow the IBM Installing guide for this card.The following excerpt is from your driver download page link.

Installation instructions

    * This software can only be used with the machines on the supported list on this page. Use of this software with any other machine is strictly prohibited.
    * Do not use the ThinkPad Software Installer package to install or uninstall this package.
    * For unattended installation information, view the readme file (wire1i32.txt) attached to this document.

For Windows 2000 and Windows XP preload only, the ThinkPad Software Installer can not uninstall this Wireless LAN driver. Please refer to the instructions below to uninstall the driver.

Note: In some cases, you may need to reenter SSID and/or wireless encryption protocol (WEP) keys after updating the driver.

   1. Start Windows 2000/XP and logon with administrative privileges.
   2. Extract this package onto the hard disk drive.
   3. Click Start and then click Run.
   4. In the run dialog window, type C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WLLANINT\SETUP\SETUP.EXE to install the driver. Click OK to start the installation process. If you have extracted the files to a different location, specify this location instead.
   5. Follow the instructions.
   6. Click Yes when prompted to restart the system.

III. Uninstallation instructions

   1. Start Windows 2000/XP. Logon with administrative privileges.
   2. Click Start and then click Run.
   3. In the run dialog window, type C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WLLANINT\WINXP\IMWEBDEL.EXE to uninstall the driver. Click the OK button to start the uninstallation process. If you have extracted the files to a different location, specify this location instead.
   4. Follow the instructions.
   5. Restart the system.
safekeyAuthor Commented:
I've done everything that the IBM site told me to... The strangest thing is the wireless card actually works for about a minute, then its throws up a blue screen. On boot the card as the yellow ! over it in the device manager and when I point it to the driver I set it up with it won't accept it...

This thing is gonna get thrown out the window in a minute.
In the device manager are there any resource conflicts showing or is it just no drivers installed for this component?

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