express tools to autocad lt 2006

I have recently installed autocad lt 2006 and when i want to use express tools i cannot find them on cd or in autocad lt folder

please can you help me to sort this problem ...

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Autocad's xpress tools are not supplied with Lt versions AFAIK.

Chip Harper, moderator at Autodesk's site have made an xpress tool suite for Lt versions.
Kindly enough, he made them available to download at his personal web page:

Can verify atm if they still are offered, but thats the placewhere they used to be, just drop by and check it out :o)
can'T verify atm....

Ok, i did some research during my lunch time.
Unfortunatly for you, looks like Chip didnt setup a Xpress tool package for LT2006 as of today.

This was the only xpress emulating tools i ever found for free.

If your willing to pay, look at this:

it has all the xpress tools and more
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