Group policy locking down Outlook 2000

Hello experts!

Although I am told it is not possible to completely remove the BCC functionality within Outlook (because it is an SMTP level function), I am told you can take steps to remove the BCC field etc using GPO.  I have already applied this GPO and have enabled the "predefined" removal of the BCC field within Outlook 2000 (admin templates>ms outlook 2000>disable items in user interface>predefined) but it has not worked as I would expect.

Any advice on making it as difficult as possible for users to send blind carbon copies would be much appreciated.

Any ideas?

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That's the way it's done...

Did you do a gpupdate /force on the user's computer?  Have you waited about 15-20 minutes for the gpo to replicate?
TCukAuthor Commented:
Yes to both of the above.  Am I simply mis-understaning what this policy does?  If I compose a new message and go to the TO: button, I am simply given the same old window including BCC.  Surely, this can be the only instance of the button prior to it's activation (as it then appears in the message itself) so what is this policy doing?

Thanks in advance.
Um...I haven't checked the GPO itself, but does the BCC field choice appear in the "Options" button choices?  It may simply remove it from there, and if you are already showing it, it may not work right.

If that's the case, you may have to go with the Office Resource Kit and do a customized deployment of Outlook (if that feature can be modified in there also).

I'm sure you have a reason for no BCCs, but I guess MS figures this is a function nobody really wants to remove.

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TCukAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.  A combination of your points and additional research provided a conclusive result.

Thank you.
Welcome...if you can post the solution here so others can find it.
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