Casalemedia pop up attached to my web site.

Some how my little web site now has a pop up from attached to it.  I have 2 other sites running on the same server that do not have the problem. I took the site down and put up a park page which still has the problem. When you enter my url- , you will see that a script from casalemedia has been attached to the domain name causing an ad pop up to occure.

How do I get this crap off of my domain addy?
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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Please check for any firewall issue.

BR Dushan
dscotthampton, I'm not getting that. You might want to check your computer.
dscotthamptonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replys. I think I have resolved the problem. I entered the casalemedia domain name and IP addy in my firewall's block list. Now I can open the site from any machine on my network without any pop ups. I sure hope I have this fixed. I'll try opening the site from a PC outside my network when I go to work tomorrow.

D. Scott Hampton
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