Combo Box does not suggest entries from drop down list (Access 2003)

I'm using a database written in Access 2002-2003 format.  All recent updates/patches have been applied including latest Microsoft Jet Service Packs and SP2.  The problem began after I Compacted/Repaired the database.  Here's the behavior:

(1) A table that has an autonumber field as a primary key, generates a number that is NOT unique (already exists in the table) even though it specifies 'No Duplicates'.  

(2) A Combo box that uses a query of country names, stopped suggesting a country when you start typing in it.  For example, if you type S, it suggests Sweden and if you follow with a Y, it shows Syria.  That behavior is no longer there.  The odd thing is that none of the combo boxes now show any inclination of showing a suggested item from the list based on what one types.  

Here's what I've done so far:

(a) Repaired and compacted the database: No change in above behavior
(b) Recreated the entire database by transferring tables, queries, forms, etc, to a new empty database: Behavior for article 1 is fixed but no change in behavior of article 2
(c) Deleted one of the combo boxes and recreated it.  All combo boxes started working well...that is until I exited the database and got back into it then the combo boxes stopped working as outlined in article #2.  
(d) Removed Office 2003 and reinstalled: No change in combo boxes odd behavior
(e)  Tried the database on a different system with the same configurations as mine.  Same issue with the combo boxes.
(f) Created a totally different database with combo boxes.  These combo boxes do work as expected all the time.

My boss thinks it's a code within the database that is triggering this behavior.  But there isn't any really.  None of the combo boxes I looked at had any event code attached to them.  Most were created with the Access combo-box wizard.  Any ideas what else to try?
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Make sure that the combobox's Autoexpand property is set to "yes"
biobaseAuthor Commented:
Autoexpand is set to yes on all the combo boxes.  
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biobaseAuthor Commented:
And BTW, even if you add combobox675.autoexpand = True, as I just did, to the On Enter or On Click events, still doesn't work!
biobaseAuthor Commented:
Just to add to what I already said:

I tried this:

- Created a new form based on a tblContacts
- Placed a single combo box in it that looks up country names
- This worked like a charm and somehow it triggered all other combo boxes on all forms to start
working as they're supposed to - i.e. as you type, the box shows suggested texts from its relative list
- So I exited the database and reopened it
- Combo boxes stopped working: as you start typing, the boxes do not show suggestions from their respective lists

I'm not shure but i think there documentation about that probleme with your autonumber after installation of SP
my frend had this probleme before but i was anable to contact him.
But It's a bug and there's way to repair it on microsoft web site
Regret I can help you more
biobaseAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I've seen this article - in fact I have it on my desk now.  I have MS most recent jet engine updates.  Besides, the question had to do with combo boxes not working as intended.  My problem with the indexing has been fixed as I indicated in my question.
biobaseAuthor Commented:
I've resolved this as follows:

 - Moved the old database tables, queries, forms, macros, and VBA code to a new database (didn't specify a startup form)
 - Deleted all the combo boxes on all the forms and subforms.
 - Exited the database
 - Opened the database and recreated all combo boxes making sure that all combo boxes worked as intended.
 - Exited the database and got back into it and the combo boxes still worked!

This tells me that there is an internal bug in access that was remedied upon deleting and then re-creating all the combo boxes.  Microsoft MSDN doesn't have any mention or solution to this.

biobaseAuthor Commented:
Please refund me my points since I resolved the issue without anyone's help.
You need to post a note in community support to that effect.  Be sure to include a clickable URL pointing back to this question.
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