SAS Programming - calculations on class Interval based data


How do we input and run procedures
 on a class interval based data for example

Class Interval                             Frequency
    0-2                                              1
    3-5                                              3

etc. If I want to run proc Univariate on this to calculate basic stats
then how will I do that

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First, I would create a variable which would indicated which interval you wanted

In your example

if classinterval < 3 then classind = 1; else
if classinterval < 6 then classind  = 2;    /* etc */

If you have a lot of these, I would recommend the SELECT statement

SELECT (Classinterval);

when (0..2) classind=1;
when (3..5) classind=2;

Then run proc univariate with the classification variable indicated.

anshumaEngineeringAuthor Commented:
I am sorry but I couldn't figure it out. Could please send me the code

This is the data

0-2      1
3-5      3
6-8      5
9-11      4
12-14      2

I tried creating the following code

data temp1;
set sasuser.EX3_29;

CLASS classind;

EX3_29 is the sasdata set with following properties

-----Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes-----
# Variable Type Len Pos Label
1 Class_Interval Char 255 8 Class_Interval
2 Frequency Num 8 0 Frequency

I do not think that I understand the problem.  If your data only consists of class interval and frequency, what stats are you hoping to produce?

The thought the problem was that you had data on some measure like taxes, for example and you class interval was based on, say, income class and you wanted to know averages, totals, etc of tax by income class.

From your reply, its sounds like frequencies have already be calculated for your classes and you are not interested in any other variable, so I am not sure where you are going from here.

If I have a better understanding, I am confident that I can help.

-- tobydavid

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anshumaEngineeringAuthor Commented:
I am sorry for being so late. I hope that you won'd mind this. I will post the question soon albeit with more explaination.

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