Odd text formatting behaviour in email

I use Outlook XP -- my default font for a new email is Verdana 10.

When composing a new email, I sometimes cut and paste text from a previosuly sent email.    In the new email, the font and font size look alike.   However, once the email has been sent and I review it, often (not all the time) the text that I cut/paste into the email has changed its font size.... sometimes even font name.

To make sure it doesn't happen, I have to highlight the entire text of the newly composed email, select any other font name and then select Verdana again.   The same for the font size... I change all to 8 and then back to 10.

Another work-around is for me to put all text (once the email has been entirely composed) temporarily into Notepad and then copy it back onto the email.

This has become really annoying... however, this formatting issue is important to me since some emails (w/ the changing format) could be misinterpreted... meaning, the reader may think that I wanted to emphasize "that point".

Again, this problem lies within my "own emails" that I sent out previously.   And the problem is not apparent in the newly composed email... it only becomes visible once I open most recently composed email (which now has been "Sent") again.

How can I make sure that text in Verdana 10 (from an old email) will remain Verdana 10 when copied into the new email.

Any ideas/tricks?


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Greetings, TomBock2004 !

If the old mail format is Verdana 10, it should copy the new mail in Verdana 10.  The issue may be that the old mail is not all Verdana 10. Click on different places in the old mail to make sure the format is the way you want it. Then copy and paste.

If you do not want to paste wrong text, do not paste.  Type the letters directly into the new mail.

Best wishes!
David LeeCommented:
Hi TomBock2004,

Copy and pasting text from one message to another, or from another application that uses either HTML or RTF formatting, will copy the formatting as well as the content into the new message.  You can avoid carrying the formatting over is to use Paste Special instead of Paste.  Paste Special gives you the alternative of excluding the formatting and just pasting the content.  Unfortunately, Paste Special is only available if you're using Word as your email editor.  Otherwise, there is no mechanism in Outlook for enforcing a particular font in a message.  war1's recommendation of typing the material instead of pasting becomes the only option.  

TomBock2004Author Commented:
Thanks... I know now what my "options" are... thanks for sharing the feedback w/ me.  I appreciate it.

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