Upgrading Dell PowerEdge 1400sc SCSI drives & OS.

Ok experts,
I have a Dell PowerEdge 1400sc server that is running out of space. It currently has four 18.2GB 10K RPM SCSI Hard Drives. I am planning on replacing them with four 36.4GB 10K RPM SCSI Hard Drives. Here is some info from the current system:

Drive Description      Disk drive
Drive Manufacturer      (Standard disk drives)
Drive Model      PERC  LD  0 PERCRAID SCSI Disk Device

Name      DELL PERC 3/DC RAID Controller
Caption      DELL PERC 3/DC RAID Controller
Driver      mraid2k
Status      OK

I would also like to upgrade the server from Windows 2000 to Server 2003. What is the best way to approach this? When finished, I want it to function as it has been, only with more space and new OS. Should I upgrade OS first, then create an image of the drives before replacing? Offload all the data, replace drives and just perform a clean install of  OS? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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My suggestion would be to backup data, replace the hdds and create the new raid array, install Server 2003, then restore data and programs. And if anything happens you will still have those other hdds with the data intact.
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Thanks Jamie
no problem
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