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I have two Microsoft Windows 2003 Licensing Servers that I need to change the IP address. I need to know what effect this will have on my licensing if any.
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You can change the IP of a domain controller very easily to.  However, I would recommend rebooting after the change.  This way, the DNS records of the DC get updated in your DNS database.

You should verify that the IP addresses of your DC's get updated in DNS.  One easy way of doing this is using the CMD based NSLOOKUP utility.


windowsdomainname <enter>

This should return the IP addresses of all of your domain controllers.  Check these to make sure that they have the proper ip addresses.

Note:  if you change the IP address of the your DC that also serves DNS, you will have to make sure all of your clients get thier TCP/IP properties updated too.  The clients will have to be pointed to the new IP address of your Windows 2003 DNS server.  

This is supported.
You get of ton of errors in your event log until dns is updated, but thats about it. MS uses dns for any server service such as licenseing. Just move the servers ip then delete the old dns recored and run the ipconfig /registerdns comand on the server to register there ip address. Are these server dc?
sharthunAuthor Commented:
Yes they are both DC's
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