Can MS CRM integration to Microsoft Outlook be run over a VPN?

I am using Microsoft CRM Version 3 client integration to Microsoft Outlook (office 2003).  Outlook runs just fine through our Symantec Enterprise VPN Client version 8 but the CRM server cannot be contacted.  I've spent several hours on the phone with Symantec support and they are still working on it.  Is anyone connecting to the CRM server through Outlook over any vpn?  If so, which and how did you get it to work?  We can connect to the web CRM client but even that is not as clean as should be.  Users have to put in the IP address and then authenticate over vpn which they do not have to do when connecting locally.  
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CaluoriRAuthor Commented:
Can I give myself points?  I resolved this problem by using a vb script to set the dns server ip addresses on my network adapter to my LAN servers and then connected the VPN.  Once connected with the dns server addresses hard coded to the lan adapter (both wireless and wired), the CRM client opened up without errors.  After disconnecting the vpn, another script is run to set the dns back to auto detect.  The web client connects without using the ip address and without having to reauthenticate too.
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