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Backup Exec 10d Information Store Restore Fails

I am attempting to restore my information store the recovery storage group in the Exchange 2003 System Manager. I run the restore job using BE10d and it restores the database files but throws an error after the databases are restored saying:

e000ff00 - Unable to restore some Microsoft Exchange components because one or more of the databases are currently mounted.  Use the Exchange System Manager to dismount the databases, and then retry the job.

This error is saying that the store is mounted while the restore is taking place.

Now the Exchange system manager is telling me that the database is not mounted. I try to mount the information store anyway after the restore failed but, it still won't mount. I am lost at this point.

Any input would be helpful as everything I have found thus far has pointed to the info store being mounted. During the restore but it is not.
1 Solution
If I remember correctly, you have to take the information store offline first. So goto exchange system manager, locate your server, the storage group and then the mailbox store. On the mailbox store, right click and choose dismount.
Then restore your backup with backup exec 10d, after complete, you can mount your information store
I just went through this today restoring three different month end backups on at a time into the RSG database to research a user email activities for the legal dept! I searched support.veritas.com and found the following article.

A couple of things that were gotchas for me is the fact that the article does not mention running eseutil after the restore finishes.  I had to run eseutil /cc "path to restore.env created during restore"  My path set in veritas for temp files was e:\temp. In the e:\temp folder it created a folder with my storage group name so the exact command I used was
eseutil /cc "e:\temp\first storage group"

Has either of you seen this article:
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Offline vs online backup/recovery. Above article says it all!
thelink12Author Commented:
I am going to give it another try. Thought I had it working before while the main store was still online. Ill get back with my progress by the 7th
I was having a very similar problem while trying to restore my public information store today.  You cannot retore the public store using the RSG.  I wasn't trying to.  I had all of the stores dismounted, but was still getting an error message stating that the store was mounted.  I fought with it for a while, and then finially decided to remove the RSG that was already there, and everything worked fine.  Just having an unused RSG existing on my server disabled my ability to restore my public store.

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