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I have 24 print servers that each have a custom form called AirTranXP.  In looking at the registry values for these custom forms, I have noticed that they all don't match, some do but most don't.  The problem is that I have an Access application that uses this form and in cases where the registry value differs from the one below, the report doesn't print properly.  I have been back and forth 10,000 different ways in Access and with Access expersts, and I am 100% convinenced that if I can change the registry values for all 24 print servers to match the one below that I will not have any more problems.  When using custom forms in Access, Access uses the PrtDevMode properties and a 16 character string called FormName to identify the form to use.  Access doesn't use the actual form name, but the data value in the registry key for the form.  The position in the registry key that differs indicates the order in which the form was created in relation to the other forms.    

Here is the correct value:

Every server (8 of the 24) that has this value works properly, the rest of the servers do not print properly unless I go in and manually change the page setttings for the Access reports.

Every single server is exctally the same, Server 2003 SP1, configured with the same custom form named AirTranXP.

Here are some of the other registry values from servers that don't print properly:

Registry value is found in:

How can I go about changing the registry values and making them stick?
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It's pretty straight forward...just like you said.

I would put a test server in a new OU to test with, then create the GPO for the reg settings, and link it to the test OU.

No reboot is necessary, just apply the GPO, then wait about 15 minutes for replication, then on the test server do a gpupdate /force
Making them stick is problematic...maybe setting the regkey to read-only but you may find problems with that.

For changing the value, the simplest way would be manually, or you can use Group Policy if all of them are in their own OU (or by using filters), and use the Computer config >> windows settings >> security settings >> registry

and add the key and value there.

This would have an added benefit that the key would be "overwritten" with the correct value everytime it runs just in case the key is getting changed somehow.

gjgerson74Author Commented:
Excellent - I will try it in the lab and see what happens.   I would like to use group policy if at all possible.  I will move forward in that direction - Any pointers?

Basically what you are saying is that I can add a key and a value and it will overwrite the existing key and value when the policy is enforced - reboot I assume.

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gjgerson74Author Commented:
I do it and post my results - i thought that was how it would work.  If this works I am going to be so happy - you have no idea how long it took me to get to this point.  I've been back and forth with Access "experts" on this and every time I mention the word registry they think I am crazy.  But I know for a fact that Access uses registry data to identify printers and custom forms on print servers...

Thanks again!
gjgerson74Author Commented:
Well, I only got as far as being able to drill into:

But I don't see where I can put the form entry that I need and the data value?

Here is the current entry that needs to be changed:


I thought that I would be able to drill into the form name and specify the correct data value.
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