Dell keyboard commands

Does anyone know how to initialize new hard drive into a dell gx270.  I remember one technician told me you needed to press a couple of keys on startup so that any new additions could be recognize in the BIOS.
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It's either <del> or <F2> to get into the BIOS when you turn on the machine.  Choose the Standard CMOS Settings page and position the cursor over the hard drive row that corresponds to the new drive.  Hit enter to autodetect it and save the settings; it will now be known to the BIOS.
mutec1Author Commented:
I tried those options already.  What I am looking for is keyboard commands for example if you select alt f alt b it reconfigures the computer drives to work  after you have installed a power supply.  I'm just trying to recall what the keyboard selection of keys was when new hard drives were installed.  

I've never heard of what you describe, but it may be a special Dell utility.  What have you done so far with regard to installing a new drive, and why do you think it needs to be initialized?
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I have never heard of any special key commands to activate a hdd and i use to work for dell tech support. To make sure the drive is recognized make sure the port its plugged into is turned on and see if the drive is seen. Is it a sata hdd or an ide hdd? If its and IDE it will probably be attached to the secondary channel as the cd rom would be on the primary unless you have switched them. Go to the drive configuration in bios and then go to secondary drive 0 and make sure to set it to on or auto as the default would be off. If its a sata hdd in drive configuration go to secondary sata drive it might be labek as sata 1 and make sure its set to auto or on. for both of these options to see if its recognizing the drive when you choose secondary drive 0 or secondary sata, look for drive detail near the bottom of the info for that port if the drive is seen you will see the drive information displayed, if the port was off you will need to save changes and reboot then get back into the bios and check again. Heres link to all the key options for that bios.
I believe this special key command if you have to reset Dell Computer Bios:

1. Boot up and enter the BIOS
2. Turn Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock on
3. Press in sequence Alt+F, Alt+E, Alt+B

This will reset the bios. Dell has had me use this to fix a dead NIC, and it seems to be relatively harmless, so it can be tried for odd problems.

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mutec1Author Commented:
Thanks just what I was looking for.
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