XP Pro Install Freezes at Same Place....

I am working on an older computer with an AMD 700mhz CPU and 256mb RAM.  I installed a new hard drive (Maxtor 80 gig IDE) and when installing XP Pro, it freezes at the exact same place ("Registering Components, 14 Minutes Remaining) every time I have tried installing it.  Could the CPU not be up to par for XP Pro?  Could it be the hard drive (BIOS only recognizes 32 gig)?  Thanks!
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700mhz should be pleanty for XP, you can run xp on half that.

You could try installing EZ-BIOS so it will recognize the entire drive, and see if that solves your problem.  It should be on the MaxBlast installation software CD included with the drive.
beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
Actually, the drive came OEM, so no software.  But I should have MaxBlast on my Ultimate Boot Disc.  Will try.
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How to use MaxBlast to install an ATA drive in Windows 2000 and XP.

Installing a new or blank Master Drive (Boot drive):

   1. Insert the MaxBlast floppy diskette or CD-ROM and reboot the system.

   2. When MaxBlast asks if you would like to prepare the drive for use on your system, click yes.

      Note: A warning message may appear recommending to use the Windows version of MaxBlast. The message appears when MaxBlast detects an existing operating system on the drive. Please select "Yes" to continue.

   3. Select your operating system, then choose easy installation for one large partition or choose advanced installation if you want to create more than one partition.

   4. After formatting, MaxBlast will provide specific instructions on how to install the Operating System. It is very important to follow the procedure that is outlined by MaxBlast.

   5. Note: After succesfully installing Windows, users who have drives larger than 137 GB will need to install the latest Windows XP and Windows 2000 Service Pack from Microsoft and install the Maxtor Big Drive Enabler. Failure to install SP 1 for XP or SP 3 for 2000 and the Big Drive Enabler will cause data loss when accessing the drive beyond 137 GB.
Did you disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless?  

Any internal USB card should also be removed.

If you BIOS limits the initial installation to 32 Gig, you can create a partition in the remaining space once you have XP Installed . . as Crash suggested . . you will have to upgrade to at least SP1 to "see" the entire drive, but you can ugrade straight to SP2
try swapping your ram and do a ram test

beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
Tried everything but the memory test, which I will do in a bit.  Still freezes at the same point.  The POST didn't detect any memory problems.
On older computers, I've seen this caused by Windows still trying to install an ACPI HAL even if the system isn't fully ACPI compliant.
When loading Windows XP Setup, when it gives you the message to press F6 to install a thrid party driver etc, hit F5 to choose a HAL and pick Standard PC. You can also just press F7 to automatically use the Standard PC HAL.

the harddrive may have the jumper set to only allow to see 32G.
beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
Well, I followed Crash2100 and Kenneniah's advice, and it still freezes at the same place.  The jumper must be set on Cap Limit or the BIOS will not recognize the HD at all.  
I formatted the drive with MaxBlast, and it installed the DDO on the hard drive.  I booted the drive, and then inserted the XP Pro disc when prompted.  I hit F5 and and chose Standard PC.  Everything installed and froze at the same place as always ("Registering Components, 14 Minutes Remaining).
When I formatted the drive, I chose NTFS and made the partition full size.
Now I'm stumped.  
Do you know someone who has another Windows XP CD you could borrow?  Maybe the CD is defective.

Another thing you might try is to remove all the hardware you can except for the hard drive and CD/DVD drive.

You could also try using that MaxBlast disk and run the drive's diagnostics and make sure there's nothing wrong with your drive.
beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
I tried using a different CD, and still had the problem.
I ran some different tests on the hard drive, and all of them passed with flying colors.
Memory tests didn't show any problems.
I'll try puting the hard drive in an external USB enclosure and see if it can install that way, and put the HD in the computer.  Might work, might not.
Gonna pick back up on it on Monday.  Thanks for the help.
It could be a hardware issue take out all cards and drives not needed to load xp (ex. only leave in CD,HDD,Video card.)

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beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
A few BIOS updates fixed it.  All of the advice here helped out tremendously.
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