awk equivalent in busybox.

Posted on 2006-03-31
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have an embedded linux box that has busybox. I have some scripts that use awk that I want to run on this embedded system. awk support is not implemented in my busybox and am looking for an equivalent of awk command to replace in my scripts.

I am enclosing utilities that are built in my busy box.

Any help is appreciated.


# busybox
BusyBox v0.60.5 (2006.02.07-22:24+0000) multi-call binary

Usage: busybox [function] [arguments]...
   or: [function] [arguments]...

        BusyBox is a multi-call binary that combines many common Unix
        utilities into a single executable.  Most people will create a
        link to busybox for each function they wish to use, and BusyBox
        will act like whatever it was invoked as.

Currently defined functions:
        [, ash, basename, busybox, cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, chroot, chvt,
        clear, cmp, cp, cut, date, dd, df, dirname, dmesg, du, echo, env,
        expr, false, find, free, freeramdisk, grep, gunzip, gzip, halt,
        head, hostname, id, ifconfig, init, insmod, kill, killall, klogd,
        linuxrc, ln, logger, ls, lsmod, md5sum, mkdir, mknod, modprobe,
        more, mount, mv, nc, pidof, ping, poweroff, printf, ps, pwd, reboot,
        rm, rmdir, rmmod, sed, sh, sleep, sort, stty, sync, tail, tar,
        tee, telnet, test, time, top, touch, tr, traceroute, true, tty,
        umount, uname, uniq, update, uptime, usleep, vi, watchdog, wc,
        which, whoami, xargs, yes, zcat
Question by:dinkarece
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    Expert Comment

    Hi dinkarece,

    awk is in the Editors sub menu of the busybox config. If you're using an embedded linux box, I presume you've built busybox yourself and can rebuld it with a new config? Or am I missing something?


    Author Comment

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    No, I haven't built the busybox. I have a system that somebody else has built it and am trying to run scripts on that.

    One of the statements that include awk include:

    NODE_MAJOR=`awk "\\$2==\"$1\" { print \\$1 }" /proc/devices`

    May be I should build the busybox myself with awk support if there is no other way.

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    Accepted Solution

    Building busybox is very easy, so it may well be worth your while. Sorry I can't be of any more help.

    Author Comment

    Thanks for your reply.

    Can somebody explain this statement:

    `awk "\\$2==\"$1\" { print \\$1 }" /proc/devices`

    I assume \\$2==\"$1\" is testing some condition. I understood the \ before " which is used to tell the shell that \"  \" is a separate string but I didn't understand about the preceeding of two \\ before $1 and $2. I tried to find the nitty details  of this \\ but couldn't find it on google.

    Thanks for your help.

    Author Comment

    OK I guess now I have an understanding.

    `awk "\\$2==\"$1\" { print \\$1 }" /proc/devices`

    \\$2 is the second argument resulting from the awk command.

    \"$1\" is the first argument on the command line.

    \\$1 is the first argument resulting from the awk command.

    So, \\ is used because it is enclosed in ` ` and if we don't enclose it in `` (while running from a command line), we just use \$1 instead of \\$1.


    Author Comment

    I figured it out without recompiling the busybox.

    Basically, I was getting the major number for a particular module from /pro/devices/

    Instead of awk, I can use

    grep 'plxDrv' | cut -d ' ' -f1

    That gives me what I want.

    Thanks for your replies.

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