notes id file c:\notes\data\johndoe.nsf being used enter password

On a Notes client 6.5.1 a black command box pops up that after logging into notes that says:

Notes id file c:\notes\data\johndoe.nsf being used      
Enter password:

As far as I can tell, it doesn't affect anything other that being annoying.
I used to get this on my computer for a week or so then it went away on it's own. How do I make this go away?

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Are you using any other programs that hook into Notes, Blackberry, PDA, or any Synch program ?

These may cause the message

I hope this helps !
Yes, either that or notesminder is loading first.. check your startup and task bar windows programs to see what is also running.  You will get this message if notesminder is running in the background.

How to make it go away?  Hmmm.. I get this when I'm logging on using a different user Id other than the one last used by Notes, and if the Id password isn't synchronized with my windows password.

Depends on what is loading first or second.. let us know what it is, and we'll be able to suggest some alternatives if there are any.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Sounds very fishy to me... Are you the admin or a user?

This is "intended" behaviour when, in your Security settings, you didn't set "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs". Which is actually good. It might be something installed by some admin, a friendly user or even an unfriendly user. Possible reasons range from vital work-related applications via practical utilities to spying. I never supply my password to some unknown utility, even when it seems to be Notes-related.

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peerlesspumpAuthor Commented:
I am the help desk. I do not administer Notes yet but I am who everyone calls for problems. This particular person is located in France so when his hard drive failed he installed Notes himself. Checking the box about Don't prompt for a password... did the trick though. I don't know why I don't see that error much more around here. None of the computers I checked have that box checked but they don't get that error box all of the time.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
A serious warning: the message might have disappeared but maybe someone installed a Notes-virus application, that tries to do all sorts of illegal things. Maybe this person has some additional application installed that you don't have? Usually, it is some Java, C, VB or other application that interfaces with Notes .

France? There are more Notes users in France besides me?? ;)
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