moving existing profiles from one domain to another


     background - i've got a pre-existing network/domain already set up in a building. the client wants to cut the building in half and make 2 totally seperate networks/domains. requirements are that shared computers have several local profiles under the pre-existing network. i need to be able to move them over to the new domain without erasing the local profiles already stored on the shared computers.

     what i have done so far - i have made everybody a domain admin. logged into every computer with everybodys name to create a profile for the new domain on the local computer. transferred the existing profiles into the newly created profile folders and when they log in to the domain now there profiles come up like they should.

     the problem - Now when i try to remove them as a domain admin and change everybody back to a domain user, they log in and a newly created profile is set up for them and no longer looks at the profile i want it to. how do i prevent this from happening without giving everybody admin priviledges on the server or the local PC.

any help is appreciated
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They need access to the domain profile...They should have the permitted to use.

Right click My Computer --> choose Properties

Click the User Profiles button highlight the user and choose COPY TO.  On the permitted use, browse and select the user from the domain.  Retry having the user login.

The overall process is this...

1) User is in a domain or workgroup and they have thier profile setup like they like it.
2) The computer account is joined to a new domain
3) The user of the domain must logon to the workstation once.
4) The adminstrator must logon to the workstation so that the profile can be copied.
5) While logged in as administrator,

Click the User Profiles button highlight the user profile (usually the biggest profile ..) and choose COPY TO.  Copy this to the location of the user.domain profile on the local machine.  On the permitted use, browse and select the user from the domain.  

6) login as user of the domian ... they should have the profile now.

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