VB.net 2.0 Winforms: textbox bound to an integer database field doesn't accept text, yet no user error thrown?

Textboxes bound to integers 'trap' the cursor if A-Z are entered....
I'd like to make this more user friendly!


I'm building a simple data entry form in Vb.net 2.0

I have a bunch of bound textboxes.

to my delight, the textboxes bound to numeric fields in the database seem to have some nice functionality - although they'll take A-Z, you can't leave the field if those values are present.

There's no beep, no little red circle, nothing!

I assume this is a 'feature' in .net, I'd like to know how to 'enhance' the feature, by letting a user know WHY they are 'trapped' in the field.
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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Theres no little red circle because you presumably don't have a range validator control on your form linked to the textbox. Try adding one, you can specify that only numbers are allowed and define a message to be displayed if the input is invalid.

Alternatively you can manually validate the data using the KeyPress or Validating events for the control.

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fruhjAuthor Commented:
Sorry about missing this,

Started a new contract with no access to EE :-(

Carl thanks for replying!
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