Dell Inspiron 1000 Screen Problems

I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 that would randomly shut down.  After much trouble shooting, I discovered that when you move the LCD screen even an inch, the laptop screen would shut down, and I would have to reboot.  I know that some laptops offer a power saving feature that allows a user to either hibernate or put the computer to sleep when you close the lid.  I don't even have to close the lid, moving it an inch will cause it to shut down.  I turned off all of the Power Saving Features in XP, but it still does this.  Bad LCD, or is there something else that is causing this?  
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If you have a monitor available to plug the laptop into that might be advisable to beter define the issue.  With an external monitor plugged in you can press <Fn><F3> to switch the video image to the monitor.  If all works well then it might be a loose or degraded cable from the motherboard to the LCD/Video screen on your laptop.  

Please post your findings or if this is possible for you to do?

Hope this Helps!!!

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Good advice above! Find out if it's only the display going black or if the machine itself freezes or halts. It might be a simple problem with the screen cable or the backlighting system.
beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
Well, I hooked up a monitor to the laptop and hit that key combination to have the video displayed on the CRT monitor.  When I touched the LCD screen, it still went blank.  I have a feeling this will require a technician's manual and some open-laptop surgery.
I would recommend at this time to:
1.  Reseat all the connections between the motherboard and LCD
2.  Replace all the cables
3.  Replace Motherboard
4.  Replace LCD

After each of the above actions power up the Laptopand determine if the issue is gone. The sequence for replacing the Motherboard and LCD may change depending on if you actually are moving the LCD before the problem occures (Motherboard then LCD) or if just touching the screen causes the problem (LCD then Motherboard).

If you are comfortable enough to do the above, post the results after each action however, if you take it to someone to fix for you be sure you retain the okay before any and each repair is done so you are not blindsided with an enormous bill.  

As always when considering replacement parts of a system, I reccomend you consider the purchase of New equipment.  If you are looking at an LCD and/or Motherboard then the difference in price may prove to be insignificant.

Hope this Helps!!!
beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
I looked through the trouble-shooting manual, and I determined that only the screen goes blank when I touch it.  The hard drive light and power light are still on.  I can hold down the power button and the laptop will shut down.  This leads me to believe that only the screen goes off, the laptop stays on.  In short, the LCD screen is either bad or there is a loose connection.  Loose connection should be easy to fix with the technician's manual.  I would not recommend to the customer to buy a new motherboard, as often they are more expensive than the laptop itself.  I will take it apart and see if its the connection.  If not, I will look up prices on LCD screens and notify the customer.  Thanks for the help, I have enough to go from here.
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