Web Service design with gSOAP

I am developing a Web Service application using gSOAP. The application is transaction based - I know, not recommended for Web Services, just following orders. The client supports an RF network of PDAs. Typically, a handful (6?) PDAs running a query to a host DB, each PDA transmitting a request evey 3 seconds. Traffic could be considerably higher, depending on customer - out of our control.

Question I have is this, should I treat each WS query as an independent query (open gSOAP, send/receive query, close gSOAP) or should I open a session and not close gSOAP until the user logs out. ie open gSOAP, run several queries, close gSOAP. Not sure what the SOA says about this. How much overhead is involved in opening and closing a SOAP transaction?
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Julian HansenCommented:
I don't consider myself an expert on this but from a common sense point of view I would say is close the connection after each call.

What you could do is have 3 service calls.

The first when a user logs on - this returns a sessionID to the PDA. In subsequent calls this session ID is used for each transaction (the second). In this way you give the semblance of being permantly connected without having to be permanently connected.

When the user logs off the third service is called with the sessionID which invalidates the ID (closes it). Additionally you can have a timeout on the server where a sessionID is valid for a given time period unless it is refresshed with call number 2.

You could combine these into a single webservice and control the types (logon, refersh and logoff) with parameters.

Just my thoughts on the matter - can'ts say the thought of keeping the session open for that long appeals to me.

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I think a global gsoap connection is more efficient than creating connection each time. The overhead of opening SOAP transaction is the same as TCP socket connection.
Another problem is about CLOSE_WAIT state of socket, ie, even if a socket is closed, but the socket is not released immediately by OS, it is in CLOSE_WAIT state for a few minutes (you can observe this by "netstat" command). If there are too many sockets in "CLOSE_WAIT" state, you may not able to create new socket.
You may use keep alive mode : SOAP_IO_KEEPALIVE
softechnicsAuthor Commented:
I agree with splitting the points, even though the answers were totally opposite. It appears there is no hard and fast answer - just opinions. I went with the open/close for each query. Makes for a simpler design.
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