Cannot execute DTS package via dtsrun or dtsrunui

Hi guys,

I have a DTS package which uses a 'OLE DB provider for visual fox pro' connection to the source DB then uses a 'OLE DB provider for sql driver' to the destination DB.  This package runs with no issues when I execute it from my enterprise manager, however when I execute from sql analyzer or directly from the command prompt the package fails with this error:  'Error string:  Invalid class string'. I have googled and gone to the MS site for help with no luck and I'm hoping someone here has seen this issue before.  The package is actually executing because the prep command to delete data from the destination table runs, however the final steps seem to fail.
The following is the command I am using:
exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell 'dtsrun -S (local) -E -N Docdatal'

Within the package all connections to the sql server use 'windows authentication'...

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This is a guess, but you might have to reregister your Foxpro OLEDB provider... find the dll and unregister and reregister it using regsvr32.

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