ORA-01119 and ORA-27040 Database file creation error


i am trying to create a database in Oracle 9.2.7 for Windows.

I am using Windows XP.

The used directory exists and i have write permission...

My Code for SQL:
create tablespace xxx_install
datafile ' c:\oracle\oradata\xxx_install01.dbf'
size 160M
autoextend on next 10M maxsize 1999M;

This is the error output:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01119: error in creating database file '
ORA-27040: skgfrcre: create error, unable to create file

Please help me to fix this.

Regards Stefan
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Also you may want to use the Enterprise Manager console (GUI) to administrate your DB.
Are you sure you have permissions?

Oracle 9.2 or Earlier Error Message
Error:      ORA-27040
Text:      skgfrcre: create error, unable to create file
Cause:      create system call returned an error, unable to create file
Action:      verify filename, and permissions
woiglAuthor Commented:
Yes, the Admin didnt had an assignment to the DBA group... it works now!!

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