WebCam Picture get stuck

Hi, I am having Creative Webcam, with all features like Remote Monitoring, Motion Detection, Time Lapse Video, and normal webcam.

While using webcam with yahoo messenger, it always get stuck what could be reason???

I am using Creative Webcam Centre 1.50 version.

Also I have to always on, smart facing track, in order to run properly.

Guessing that drivers could have problem.

What you suggest? Shall I reinstall drivers.

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kamleshgwalaniAuthor Commented:
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "stuck". I'm assuming that the image(s) freeze. Yes, reloading the CORRECT drivers is a start and could rule some things out pretty quickly. :-)
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

Try using the webcam with minimal programs open. Also it might be your internet connection Make sure that you don't have anything in the background eating up the bandwidth =)

Hope this helps

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Hi Kamlesh,

Webcams use alot of three things,
1) Memory
2) Bandwidth (your internet connection speed capability)
3) Processor time

Webcams do stick quite a bit, depending on how you're using them.
Some things to check:
-Viruses/spyware etc. sucking your internet and processor speeds
-You ISP's standard upload speed
-If you are on a wireless connection, make sure there's no interference from things like Microwave ovens, TV's etc.
-Check you computer's memory and processor (eg 1.4 ghz) against the webcam's minimum requirements.
-How many programs are running in the background (how many windows you have open)

Keep in mind that the image you see when on a service like Yahoo is being sent to the service, then back to you.  That creates alot of network traffic, so you want to keep your cam settings to a fairly low resolution.  This way you can get more frames into the same amount of bandwidth.

If you are using dial-up, don't even bother.

Drivers are generally a good thing to update.  It doesn't sound to me like that's what it would be, but if the manufacturer has recognized an issue and resolved it, that's a good way to get covered.

Happy Camming!
Usarian M. Skiff

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kamleshgwalaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your speedy reply

On Wireless and On Cable Connectivity, it is the same.
Stuck means Freeze

I have a P4, 512k and 10GB free of space at the moment, I have closed the all the application, but still it freezes.

Un-installed Webcam Center Software too, it is working with freeze on and off.

It freeze and come back, this makes the opposite side person frustated, as what I am doing.

In Office, I have 2mbps BBSM server, that is wireless.
At home, 100mbps RJ45 broadband connection.

Does it has to do anything with WEBCAM itself, do I take back to vendor for exchange????

How does the cam work when your not trying to stream it?

I just ran the phrase 'creative webcam freezes' through Google, and there are a ton of reviews sites stating that this is a con of that device.
Looks like the model is a dud.  Sorry

Ok you have plenty of bandwidth and your computer is fine.
Dont take the wecam back at this stage - it is probably fine.
The problem lies in one of two areas:
1)Update all motherboard/chipset/usb drivers
2)and more likely the problem - the driver:
Reinstall the driver by doing a 'clean' install.
This is done by firstly uninstalling all existing webcam drivers and rebooting.
Then setup a clean boot by 1. run: 'msconfig'
2. On the General tab, choose, "Selective Startup"
3. Uncheck "Process SYSTEM.INI file"
4. Uncheck "Process WIN.INI file"
5. Uncheck "Load Startup Items"
6. Click on the Services tab.
7. At the bottom, check "Hide All Microsoft Services"
8. After checking that, uncheck all boxes in the window or click the button labeled "Disable All"
6. Click OK
7. Click "Restart"

At restart install the drivers
Then restore your system by doing the following.

1. Click Start --> Run --> Type "MSCONFIG"--> Click OK
2. On the General tab, choose, "Normal Startup"
3. Click OK
4. Click YES or "Restart", when asked to restart your computer

This should do the trick
These instructions are for xp but are similar for other OS.
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