Windows "System Restore" necessary if Backup Exec is running?

One of my clients has SBS server 2003, and Veritas BackupExec 9 for SBS servers.  The nightly backup jobs back up the entire server, including the system state and utility partition.  I am looking to free up some hard drive space on the C drive, and was wondering if I could disable system restore for this drive (since backupexec is protecting it anyways)?

What are everyone's thoughts on doing this? (good idea?  horrible idea?,etc.)  thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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You should need it...the BE jobs that run each night are taking care of the disaster recovery scenario for you.

Go ahead and disable it.
Hi esmith69,

system restore can do more damage than its worth in regards to malicious software. i disable it on any machine that i deal with.

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