What Is It ?

I have Windows 98.

In my "Add/Remove Programs pproperties", I have "dtlnjapo".

What is it ? What does it do ? What happens if I uninstall it ?
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Ralf KlattEmployee in Civil ServiceCommented:

You surely have an "Alien" on your system!

Please do the following:

1. Click "Start"
2. Click "Run"
3. Enter "regedit"
4. Hit "F3"
5. Enter "dtlnjapo"
6. Whenever RegEdit finds an entry on "dtlnjapo" then "delete" it!!!
7. Continue until you receive the message "Finished Searching Registry"

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You might try googling the name or searching for a file by that name on your system and examining its properties.  It might provide an answer.  It could be just about anything.
Ralf KlattEmployee in Civil ServiceCommented:

@jrs_50: ... there'll be no results on dtlnjapo at Google ... but there'll surely be a recommendation about zhigzhig's threads from my part!

It took me a few minutes too long to understand that game ... !

Best regards,
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zhigzhigAuthor Commented:
Raisor    :

What is "alien" ?

You said ....."6. Whenever RegEdit finds an entry on "dtlnjapo" then "delete" it!!!".....

Will I have to click "delete" button ?

jrs_50     :

Lets Google it.
zhigzhigAuthor Commented:
Raisor     :

I can delete it from my "Add/Remove Programs Properties" ? Then will I have to do as you said ?
if its in there, its probably an installed program

u could use RegEdit to find its location, then go to that folder and see whats in there. There might be an exe which you could run or better still a readme.txt

in regedit, u want to go to this tree

HKey Local Machine
Then open up SOFTWARE
and finally Uninstall

then go thru the list until u find dtlnjapa

that should give u path of uninstaller, if its in program files or something, then u can easily find it
it may be in a common area therefore u may not be able to find it

is there no start menu shortcuts for it?

if u do not want to delete it, just in case, but dont want to run it either
try running latest virus scanning software, run spyware checks etc

Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
zhigzhigAuthor Commented:
I have done the RegEdit deletion, but ...

I ran a search at My Computer (windows 98) with "dtlnjapo", and I found 4 results ...

1. dtlnjapo.exe   C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM      Application   227kb
2. dtlnjapo.dat              same                     DAT file           5kb  
3. dtlnjapo_navps.dat    same                     DAT file            1kb
4.  dtlnjapo_nav.dat      same                     DAT file         124kb

As they are in the SYSTEM folder, would it be right to delete them ? I need a confirmed answer plz.
U could always zipped it up into a archive, then delete. If you need to restore, u got the zip archive
to delete, try shift delete to bypass recycle bin
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