How many VPN Clients does 515 Support

Is there a limit to how may VPN Clients a 515 can support per VPN Groupgroup name.  If have a vpngroup called "outside", is there a limit to how many VPN Clients can connect to this vpngroup called "outside".  I am not talking bandwidth limits, I am talking about an actually physical limit to the number of clients per vpngroup.
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PIX 515 is limited to 2000 simultaneous VPN sessions.
From the Pix 515e data sheet:
• Delivers feature-rich remote access VPN concentrator services for up to 2000 remote software- or hardware-based VPN clients
It does not matter how many groups you have, or how you slice them up. It is the total number of "simultaneous" connections.

your are only limited by the amount of user licenses you have .

Never tried it, but what I'm thinking is give an ip pool range for each vpngroup that will only issue the max number of clients you want to connect via that group.

Not sure if that will work, but I would think its worth a try.
What version of PIX software are you running.  

This can be done easily with Cisco PIX v7x..using the following command on the  "tunnel group"
#vpn-simultaneous-logins 4
If you are using v6.3xx or below you won't be able to configure this on the PIX.  You would have to control this through a RADIUS server.
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