e-mail not detected by SMSS for SMTP

I have xppro running lotus notes from Win 2003 server, using SMSS for SMTP. The problem is I can not detect the following sender: from: [%from_name%]

SAV, SMSS, network monitors do not pick it up...it doesn't exist.

No one has opened it...yet.

What can I do?

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seems that you got spam

> What can I do?
delete and forget about it ;-)
what version of SMS SMTP?  are you using the heuristic engine or Symantec Premium Antispam?  What are the dates of your Spam definitions and Virus definitions?

No from address hu?  SMTP gateway is RFC 2821 complient if there is no from addy then it will drop it like a sack of rusty cans.  Have you looked at the actual message header for a from address?  What do the SMTP gateway logs say about the message?  you would want to go into reporting under detail report and do a search for something that is unique about the message.

You could blacklist it.  You could also create a subject rule or a content rule to block it.

Show me the header and the SMTP gateway logs and I can tell you exactly whats up!
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Seems you got spam. If you really wants to trace it, you must look at your email server's logs and can detect , from where you have recieved it and then can go back one by one untill the person reached.

BR Dushan
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you cannot trace back emails by header, unless you have realtime access to each and every server it passes exactly in that moment it passes through.
Lyndy333Author Commented:
delete and forget...not ;)

Anyhoo, the situation is [%from_name%] and e-mails that are received from legitimate senders are no longer recorded by SMSS, Lotus Notes, and are not even logged.

Any suggestions?
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Hi Lyndy333,
IF you use simple POP3 commands , you can put %from_name% to what ever the value you wants. Even now some illegal software also available. Anyway Without MIME..etc normal EMAIL IS TOTALLY UNSECURE. BECAUSE IT IS NEVER VERIFYING THE SENDER. If you really wants to check you must look logs of every emails server's backwordly. But some of most free emails servers will not take a log.

BR Dushan
Lyndy333Author Commented:
I have SMS set to bounce the message back to a "spammer" when it is detected.

It's probably just the new and improved virus from %&^$. But I would like to know for shizzle.

For now, I have deleted all instances of it, and blocked other legitimate e-mail addresses from being able to e-mail to our site.

Thanks for your help.
>  I have SMS set to bounce the message back to a "spammer" when it is detected.
I'd not do that, 'cause you most likely initiate a bouncing loop.
If you use a blacklist and/or a whitelist to identify legal senders, then simply drop illegal ones without any notice.
If you want to be smart, use a greylisting method and/or bounce only those messages which are not uniquely blacklisted but also are not whitelisted.

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Lyndy333Author Commented:
Thank you.
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