Removing Windows 2003 Server and putting it on another computer

I have Windows 2003 Standard Server running right now on a junk computer and i am getting a brand new computer here in a month and i would like to know if its possible to remove Windows 2003 thats on the junk computer and put it on the new server that i am getting from dell. It would save me $500 dollars if i could. The windows 2003 server that is on the junk computer is a boxed version. It didnt come with the junk computer. I was wondering if its possible because i remember having to register it when i first installed it on the junk computer. Is there any way to unregister it so i can move it to the new computer?

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Hi hcl1,

You do not need to re-register.  As long as you still have the boxed media and cd-key you can install on the new server.  To be in compliance with the license, you must uninstall from your once you have your new server loaded 'junk' server.  Microsoft uses the 'honor' system...

hcl1Author Commented:
Thanks... I had always thought that if you already had registered a MS product and try to register that product again somewhere else that it wouldnt work.

Thanks again
If the OS came pre-installed on the "junk computer" and it's not a volume license or Retail copy, then you cannot transfer it to the new computer.  It's considered an OEM license at that point and goes only with the hardware it came with.

Only retail copies or volume licensing can be transferred to new hardware.
Oops...sorry didn't notice the "It didn't come with the junk computer".

You should be fine then, like jss1199 said (other than the "honor" system
hcl1Author Commented:
Thanks guys...Thats exactly what i needed to know.
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