Outlook 2003 Email Rules - "After Message Arrives" not working ?

Aaaaggghhhhh ! in a nut shell
I have set up a rule to forwared email in my inbox from one of  7 internal users (each listed individually)  to a blackbury email address. I i operate the rule manually it works fine, but will not forward automatically when a new mail arrives.

Where have I gone wrong - it doesn't look that hard !

We're useing SBS 2003 Standard

Help please.. but keep it simple... :-)  
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werddrewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have access to the exchange server?  If so, can you verify the following setting:

In Exchange System Manager, double-click Global Settings -> Internet Message Formats.

Right-click Properties -> Advanced and uncheck the "Allow automatic forward" checkbox.

It's a shot in the dark, but hey, who knows...  If you can change it, try both ways, checked and unchecked.
I'm assuming you are not using the desktop redirector then right?  If so then that might be the reason.  If you simply are just trying to forward only emails from one user and nothing else then please explain how you have the rule set up.  If you would like details on how to use desktop redirector I can help you with that also.

- Monty
daniel8193Author Commented:
Thanks werddrew -  it was not checked - I'll let you know what happens
daniel8193Author Commented:
Yep - That was it ( it must be off in default )  manny thanks
You're welcome.  Congrats!
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