Windows XP2 - all updates as of 3/30/06

Some times upon shutdown I get the following messages:

End Program ccApp  (I know this is Symantec AV)
End Program Explorer (I know what this is but not sure why I am getting the message)
End Program HiddenFaxWindow (I have no idea what this is)

I suspect that they may have to do with updating of programs via the internet as they most commonly show up if I have to shutdown within minutes of booting up.

If the machine boots up and remains on for several minutes... then I can get a clean shutdown.

Anyone able to shed any light on the Explorer and HiddenFax windows?
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Microsoft Windows has an embeded fax program that is usually only installed on demand or when the user specifically selects it as an option.  You can uninstall it via Add/Remove programs, Add/Remove Windows Components.
I would suspect your "HiddenFaxWindow" is spyware/malware of some type.  M_Intuit is correct, Windows does have built in fax capability, however, it's implemented through printers.  Basically, you don't need any additional services or programs running for Microsoft Fax to work (assuming you've installed the printer).

Windows does have a hidden window for the fax console program... just the same as "GlobalTimerWnd".

The only way that I am aware of, to show these hidden windows is via the Macro Express (www.macros.com) program, where you can use the "Window Show" command to make hidden windows appear.  Most hidden windows don't have any controls assigned to the form, so what you'll get is either a titlebar or just a blank form window (that may take the entire screen).  Did you know that Calc.Exe has a hidden windows labeled "CalcMsgPumpWnd" ?  Most of these hidden windows are forms that have been hidden and are configured then called to view when the program wishes to notify the user of some condition... usually error conditions.

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