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We have recently setup two servers in two separate sites, connected via ADSL and a site to site vpn. On site A (the master one) is a Windows 2003 SBS Server. On site B the other is a Windows 2003 standard server, without exchange on it.

Both are setup as domain controllers and it is all replicatiing etc. fine.

We had reports of the users at the site B who connected to exchange via the site to site VPN to site A that their email was slow.

So we decided an exchange server at site B would be best, so we installed it and configured the sites as follows:
Site A
Windows sbs 2003
Site A Routing Group
SMTP connector for ingoing and outgoing mail to/from internet for the both servers
Routing Group Connector going to site B

Site B
Windows 2003 standard with Exchange 2003.
Site B Routing Group
Routing Group Connector going to site A

Site to site vpn allows ALL traffic on all ports/protocols in both directions between the servers.

Its a fairly simple setup, but it just doesn't seem to be working right.
In all my exchange courses something like this is easy a few clicks and your done, but with this nothing is working right.

Now for one of the problems:
When everyones mail box was at "Site A" OWA worked fine, now some of the users mailboxes have been moved to "site B" when those users login to OWA via the server at "site A" they get "the page cannot be displayed" error on the following url: https://servername/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll this happens both internally and externally. All users whose mailboxes are held at "site A" work fine.

1. I assume this is owa not finding the mailbox for some reason?
2. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can make OWA work for the users at site B?
3. Would I need to setup OWA on the server at site B as well for thiose users to access their mailboxes at site B? surely this is not so or it would make a large exchange system insecure and unmanageable.

I've trawled the web and found no other people with the same problem, so if someone can work out whats going on then that would be great.

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Step through this article at Microsoft very carefully. It is the guide to troubleshooting the replication problems.

Technically you should open a new question on the public folder replication because it is a different question to your original one.

You need to expose the other server to the internet and complete the security of the other server.
The users would need to know the address of the second server and access it directly.
Otherwise you would need to get a third server and configure a frontend / backend scenario.

modernnetworksAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon, it looks like i was going about it all wrong, so I setup owa on the other server and it works fine. it looks like i would need a front end server really to make it work properly but theres nothing wrong with two different owa's if it saves money.

Now here is another problem, public folder replication, loads of people seem to have this same error but nobody has a solution.

When sending the hierarchy in exchange system manager to server B, it never gets sent and a short while later I get a bounceback in the administrators mailbox that looks like this:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: Hierarchy
Sent: 31/03/2006 15:00

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

  Public Folder Store (servername) on 31/03/2006 15:00
  You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.
  <servername #5.7.1>

Obviously its a permissions thing, but where it needs to be changed I don't know!
Note the public folders are not mail enabled if this makes a difference.

Anyone got any ideas?

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