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Interfaces in C#?


i am a JAVA developer and learning now C#...

Can someone tell me if Interfaces also in C# available? If yes how i can use them?

Kind Regards Stefan
1 Solution
Yes. C# has Interfaces. They behave the same as in Java with two exceptions:
1.) C# Interfaces cannot have fields/constants like in Java.
2.) C# Interfaces do not allow for accessibility declarations (i.e. no 'public', 'private', 'protected', etc) in the interface.

Everything else is essentially the same.

Here are the official docs on it:

To summarize:

To create an interface:

public interface IAnimal
     void Eat();
     void Sleep();  

To implement an interface:

public class Dog : IAnimal
     public void Eat()
         // Do some eating here

     // Explicit interface definition, does not show up on Dog's Intellisense unless you cast it explicitly to an IAnimal reference
     void IAnimal.Sleep()
          // Sleepy stuff here

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