Setting resolution to 1440x900 with Nvidia Riva 128 ??

hi to all out there,

Trying to pimp my medieval Aptiva 1264 I got myself the Acer AL1916W LCDscreen this time:-) Browsing to upgrade I got the impression that no XP drivers are available for the installed Riva128 videocard...

Do I need to get back to the shop and buy a new videocard (which one works with Aptiva since this machine is really picky: if PCI-card version is not 2.1 compatible is halts at startup haha), or does anyone know where to download a driver for my NRiva128 that allows 1440x900? Ps I assume that the driver determines which resolution-setting I can choose from at desktop screenprops?

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Try older version of Powerstrip.  Available here:

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