Setting up a VPN connection between Linksys RV082 and NetGear router using NetGear ProSafe VPN Client

I used a Linksys WRTP54G VOIP Router and recently I put a RV082 router in front of this since I needed VPN capabilities. I access my client's network (using Radmin, RDC) using NetGear ProSafe VPN Client. I cannot VPN into my client's network once I put in the RV082 router. The VPN client software shows that the connection has been made successfully and my client can see my IP showing up in the list of active connections. But I cannot access any of the systems on my client's network. My internal ip subnet is 15.22.5.x and the client's subnet is 100.101.0.x and the IP address that I am specifying in the VPN client is The WRTP54G network is 100.101.10..x

So basically the setup is as follows

System1 ( ----- WRTP54G( - RV082( IP on WAN)    ----------- client NetGearRouter(Static IP on WAN) ---- systemX (

I have the NetGear VPN client setup on Systems1 ( and trying to access

I see a connection accepted between the two systems on port 500 in the RV082 outgoing logs and there no connection refused entries in the outgoing or incoming logs. So it does not seem to be firewall related.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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cant do it because you are double natting your traffic from system1 to the internet.  It is more complicated than creating the port forward for port 500.  I assume the PC is running software client.  You might get it to work if you lower the security of VPN to almost nill (while still being a VPN)

do both Linksys and RV082 on your side have setting "allow pptp" and "allow ipsec" ? put this on allow

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