Missing file agentctl in oracle10g

Hi All,

I have installed oracle10g in Redhat Linux 9.
I want to connect using Oracle Management Server.
The problem is there is no file agentctl in ORACLE_HOME/bin that is why I cannot connect to my db using Oracle Management Server. I can successfully connect in Enterprise Manager using stand alone option.

My question is, how I can install the agentctl in oracle10g?
My Oracle Management Server was installed in Windows 2000 server and I want to use this to manage all my databases in different location.
I need it for Automated database backup.
I am newbie in oracle. Please help.

Thank you very much.

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Dear Rene,

9i uses agentctl utility, and runs the dbsnmp process. but 10G uses the emctl utility and runs an emagent process. So agentctl is not available in 10g.

Chetan Sachdeva
renelovinoAuthor Commented:
thank you very much Chetan.
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