BadMail Clean up.

Hello Exports,

I would like to delete my BadMail folder with a script I found on this site, but before doing so. I would like to understand what data locate in the badmail folder? would my users will lose data?

Can I just delete the badmail folder completely and create a new one?

Thank you,

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No you will not loose any data at all by deleted the badmail folder contents. I recommend using the tool that microsot created in order to delete the contents of the badmail folder. Otherwise you will need to stop the services and delete and recreate the folder manually. The badmail folder contains bad emails that were either sent out or recieved. Go to and go to the downloads section and you will find it under excahgne 2k3. Its call badmaildeletetion tool. Its a vbs script that you run. If You install SP1 for exchagne, exchagne does no longer use the badmail folder for ques.

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You don't even have to create a new badmail folder.

All I do is rename the badmail folder. Windows/Exchange will recreate it as required.
Then simply SHIFT-DELETE the folder. Don't try and open the folder in Windows Explorer as you will probably be there for ever while Windows tries to enumerate the contents.
The reason I suggest using SHIFT-DELETE is that it bypasses the recycle bin, otherwise all you are doing is move the contents to another folder, only to empty the recycle bin and repeat the process - so cut out the middle man.

Badmail is basically bad mail. NDRs and other non-deliverable items. Nice idea from Microsoft to store it all, except no one knew about it, or checked it regularly. Fortunately Microsoft saw the light and disabled it by default with the later versions of Exchange - it can be enabled with a registry hack if required.

I have tried using the badmail admin tool from Microsoft and all I get is
C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\mailroot\vsi 1\badmail: bytes total
Err.Number: 6
Err.Description: Overflow
Err.Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

The folder has about 3gb in data in it though.
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